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Ms. Linda Letten is a Japan Foundation Doctoral Fellowship at Osaka University
I am translating medieval Japanese literature "Yokobue Zoshi".
My bilingual laptop from Mercantile in extremely useful for my project!
Ms. Linda Letten
Mr. Hangombe Bernard Mr. Hangombe Bernard from Zambia

"The service and and atmosphere was friendly.
I made more inquiries regarding my IT needs.
Thank you."
Mr. Brendan Ries is a singer.
He released a new CD with his band Pump School
"Hurts, Habits, and Hangups"
Mr. Brendan Ries
Ms. Jennifer Stiles Ms. Jennifer Stiles

"I have been coming to Mercantile for two years. Why do I keep coming back? The staffs are very helpful and take care of my needs. Thank you! "