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Mr. Richard Lee is the writer of currently 2 novels. Horror-suspense and SF. He has been called the Master of Terror and is said to be the new Laymon.
Both of his novels were written while in Japan and both wer written at night. Welcome to his nightmare, you'll never be the same again.
His next book will be written on a Toshiba laptop bought from Mercantile in Osaka. He is very happy to finally have a pure English system.
Mr. Richard Lee
Mr. Osuola Bolarinwa Agegboye Onigbinde and Mr. Samuel Iortyom Kaalu FIFA World Cup 2002
Nigeria Team
Manager Mr. Osuola Bolarinwa Agegboye Onigbinde (left) and press officer Mr. Samuel Iortyom Kaalu,

"In response to an advertisement in a newspaper, I visited this shop to purchase some software and other computer items.
The reception was impressive, and other forms of assistance were offered - and were highly appreciated."
Mr. Reggie Pawle, is a licensed psychotherapist from USA (California license # MFC35774)
working in Osaka.
"Without Mercantile Computers,
I wouldn't be in Japan!"
Mr. Reggie Pawle
Mr. Shukin Moderski Mr. Shukin Moderski,
is a Zen Monk at Antaiji Temple "Please join us in our practice!
We are a self sufficient temple practicing in the tradition of Dogen Zenji."