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" We live in Suma (Kobe) and came to buy games."

Toshiki & Akari
Toshiki & Akari
Mr. Robert Kinyua "Jambo!" I am a research student at Osaka University. Kenya is my home country. I am now relieved that I've bought a laptop with English software and the keyboard I wanted. Thanks.
Mr. Robert Kinyua is researching in Elementary particle physics.
" I am a Dance Teacher from Scotland, and currently travelling the world meeting and working with other professional performing dancer. I have already been to a lot of countries working and a laptop was something I needed badly to help with my work. I waited a long time till I met Mr. Sunder in Japan who helped me choolse the perfect laptop top help with my future. Thanks very much. " Ms. Donna Cain Ms. Donna Cain
Mr. Rose
Felix from Argentina, Lawer
Just passing by saying hello to all in Japan.
Julio Pianist from Uruguay//Australia performing on around Japan or Asia
"Hello to all."
"I am the lion trainer with Circus Kinoshita. Thank you for your help. It's always a pleasure doing business with you. " Mr. Illig Kinoshita Circus Mr. Illig