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Mr. Taniuchi " The service Mercantile offers is excellent. So is the staff. " 
Mr. Taniuchi, F.L.P. Kobe General Manager
" Marc und Maja beim Computerkauf in Kobe!" 
Marc Eichhorn, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany and Ms. Maja Eichhorn
Mr. Marc and Ms. Maja Eichhorn
Ms. Ida & Mr. Ib Norholm " I have been in Kobe for two years and used the company with pleasure these two years. Tak for god service." 
Our youngest customer Ms. Ida (2 years old) with her father Mr. Ib Nörholm, Japan Photo
Mr. Isokane " Mercantile with its "At Home Atmosphere" is easy to visit and if you order you can get a software from overseas."
Mr. Isokane, Owner of a cram school "Tsukiji Gakushu Dojyo" in Kyoto.