Mercantile Co., Ltd.
To place an order , please inform us your name, address with full postal code and telephone number. We send you our estimate promptly.
Delivery time will be about 2-3 days after payment is confirmed.
If we don't have the model in stock:
Ordering Japanese model - about 2-3 days after payment is confirmed.
Ordering English model - about 2 weeks after payment is confirmed.
Set-up/Repair: about 2-3 days.
Upon order, we will inform you. We send the goods by Yamato.

Our bank account: MERCANTILE COMPANY, LIMITED Phone 06-6261-6003
  • SMBC (Mitsui Sumitomo Bank), Midosuji Branch, Current Deposit (TOZA) # 204304
  • Resona Bank, Osaka Chuo Eigyo-bu, Current Deposit (TOZA) # 589526
  • Postal Transfer (Post Giro) Account # 00980-4- 155499
    * Bank/Postal transfer charge to be on payee's account.
    (Bank transfer charge from overseas to Japan is 2,500 x 2 = 5,000 yen.)
    For exporting, we accept Paypal, also.

    You can track your goods CLICK HERE.(Yamato Tracking) * EMS (for Export)
    If we have the goods in stock, we accept COD service by Yamato, also. (only in Japan)

    Find a telephone number to your nearest Yamato Takkyubin Delivery Service office.

    Please ask us freely by email or by telephone 06-6261-6003.
    Please copy and paste the following to the email when you write us.
    Thank you!
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